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Microcurrent Technology As Seen In

Natural Skincare, Powered by Science.

Transform your daily skincare with our best-selling MikRa Pro Microcurrent + Red Light Therapy, paired with our all-in-one wonder Hydriel One and the calming ViRo Series. These skincare heroes are expertly designed to visibly reduce aging signs, boost firmness, and unveil smoother brighter skin.


Luminous Facelift Starter Kit

Experience a natural, non-invasive facelift with the Luminous Facelift Starter Kit. Achieve spa-quality glow from the comfort of home with our top-rated self-care essentials — all while enjoying afforable luxury beauty solutions.

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Notice Visible Results In 1 Week!

Searching for a way to smoothen wrinkles? Desire an instant lift and glow? Miniface's scientifically-formulated skincare and treatments are clinically proven to deliver. Reclaim your confidence, irrespective of age or skin challenges. With Miniface, your skin doesn't just look good – it feels good.

Immediately after use,


 reported lifted, toned, and radiant skin.

Immediately after use,


felt their skin was plumper, more hydrated, and refreshed.

Afer 1 week,


observed reduced visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

After 2 weeks


saw a reduction in pigmentation and dark spots.

Afer 9 days,


experienced minimized pores and a smoother skin texture.

Afer 1 week,


reported fewer breakouts and clearer skin.

*Consumer testing panel of 48 people with all skin types, tones using the products 5 mins a day in a two-week.

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