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Why We Need Lymphatic Drainage in Our Life ?

What’s Lymphatic Drainage?

Known to give you that all-day post-facial glow, lymphatic drainage massage has been around for many years. It’s a technique used by aestheticians all around the world to help improve the look of skin. Some even call it a non-surgical facelift.

Originally, it was used on patients with Lymphedema (chronic swelling due to damage or removal of lymph nodes). Studies have shown that it’s also effective in reducing swelling and visible puffiness in those recovering from injuries. In the realm of facials, lymphatic drainage massage is a technique that uses light pressure paired with specific motions to drain excess fluid and to help breathe new life into your skin.

Why Is It good For You?

We’ve all woken up with a puffy face, haven’t we? This unwanted puffiness is the outcome of overnight fluid retention. As we lay still asleep, fluid rests and collects in the face, and a person’s sleeping position may worsen this.

Unlike the circulatory system, your lymphatic system doesn’t have its own pump. The lymphatic system is dependant on muscle contraction, exercise, physical manipulation, and diet to function normally. That’s where lymphatic massage comes in! By massaging our face and neck, we improve circulation which means that lymph, which contains oxygen, amino acids, glucose, and other vital nutrients, is able to transport these vital nutrients to every cell in our body at an accelerated pace. With it, toxins and impurities are carried away from our bodies, making the lymphatic system crucial to our immune system and our overall health.

How to Give Yourself a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Not only is it great for sculpting and toning, using a microcurrent device or a rose quartz roller are two ways of giving yourself a lymphatic drainage massage.

Microcurrent has been around since the 1970s helping people stay healthy through sending a flow of electrically charged particles/ions, through our skin, and thus stimulating the lymphatic system. The Rose Quartz Roller is also known to help stimulate the lymphatic system and has been around for centuries. 4000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians used it as a premium beauty aid.

This gentle massage targets the lymph nodes and helps to drain away toxins, leaving your cells filled with fresh nutrients. The result is a more sculpted jawline, a depuffed and toned face, and a glowing complexion like no other. Yes, Please!


Breathe new life into your skin with these simple steps!

Step 1: Warm up! Start underneath the chin, using your fingertips (gently!) glide to side of neck and then down the neck. Repeat this for 10-20 rounds.

Step 2: Take your microcurrent device or roller, start at middle of jawline and go outwards. Repeat as many times, and on the last time, hold and glide down side of neck.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 for each area of your face!