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Everything You Need To Know About Hydroblast Gel

Everything You Need To Know About Hydroblast Gel

Miniface Regenerate Age Defying Hydroblast Gel is formulated as a translucent gel which acts as a primer before and during a microcurrent facial treatment. Our gel is hypoallergenic, non greasy, non irritating, odorless, latex free, dye-free and PVC free!

Formulated in the United States, this product is Salt, Alcohol, Formaldehyde, Paraben, and Cruelty free. A vegan product which is ideal for all skin types.


MIniface Regenerate Hydroblast Gel VS Other Moisturizers

This gel is packed with 5 key ingredients essential for hydrating and anti-aging:

    • Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid: Enhances skin moisture retention and boosts facial firmness.
    • Acefylline Methylsilanol Mannuronate: The power ingredient for anti-cellulite, anti-puffiness, firming and moisturizing.
    • Revivyl: Reactivates the natural skin renewal cycle, activates and protects stem cells. Strengthens skin barrier and stimulates natural exfoliation.
    • Retinol: The holy grail of anti-aging, Vitamin A, retinol stimulates collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Fades age spots and softens rough patches on the skin for clearer complexion.
    • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8: A synthetic peptide that powers Botox, it tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles caused by smiling, squinting, and other tight movements around key areas of the mouth, eyes, forehead and cheeks.

Our professional skin care is clean and validated by strict standards. Free from animal testing and it is our responsibility to make sure this gel maintains equally high standards.


Why Use Our Hydroblast Gel Instead?

In simplest terms, sensitivities. The Microcurrent is an electrical current (even though it’s a very low-level one). And it needs a conductive substance in order to penetrate the skin and the muscles underneath. The gel or liquid needs to have ions that can move from one of the probes to another. Carrying the electricity with them. The conductive gel should also give you a good glide with the device. In order to do the treatment gently and without dragging the skin. 

Another aspect of the conductive gel is that it should preferably have really good ingredients since the Microcurrent will increase the permeability of the skin cells. Meaning that everything you put on the skin will be absorbed better and pushed deeper into your skin.

Our Microcurrent conductivity gel is hypoallergenic and odourless therefore there is less risk of sensitivity or skin irritation. The lightweight formula is highly absorbent which glides with ease across the skin, ensuring maximum Microcurrent conductivity for the best results.

The Hydroblast Gel can also be applied without the device to overcome everyday skin problems, such as dehydration, wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. Stay young-looking with this soothing gel that is fortified with powerful ingredients to help push back the hands of time!